Network Solutions

REIT Solutions guarantees business communications through advanced network support services. We provide round-the-clock, fixed-priced IT network monitoring and maintenance services maximising your IT performance and reliability.

Wheher you are based in Portsmouth, Southamton, or anywhere in the South Coast, For a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house IT, our IT network monitoring services proactively supervise your systems 24/7 preventing small problems from snowballing into major interruptions to your business. 

We have years of expertise in the installation and provision network services, and our customers range from small businesses to multinational organisations.
From design and planning through to the project management of your installation; our goal is to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient networking to underpin your business.

REIT  remote IT network monitoring service provides supervision of all devices managed by REIT soltuins and will inform you of any problems that could affect the performance of the overall IT network infrastructure.


  • Network Solutions Designed, Deployed and Delivered.

  • Comprehensive hardware installations.

  • The network type that suits you.


Always on the Look Out

Research shows computer problems diagnosed using IT covered by a network monitoring plan are repaired up to 3 times quicker which can save you up to 90% of your existing annual support costs compared to systems not using network monitoring services. Our plans also eliminate any future data recovery costs as we automatically back up your critical data as part of our network monitoring and if you encounter any problems we can restore your system without any loss of information. We also offer monitoring and maintenance services to cover your servers and other IT services


Give you a Piece of Mind

Our network maintenance allow you to budget your IT support like any other overhead providing you with the peace of mind that the IT side of your business is covered. Using our experience, network monitoring services bring you all the benefits of having your own in-house IT department without the costs. We promise faster performance with fewer problems all while you experience practically zero downtime under our IT network maintenance services. Essentially you spend less money on expensive repairs and more time on your running your business.